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Hi from the Great Wall of China (2023)! Wearing a baby carrier feat. my own pattern design 😉

Hey there, I’m Macha, like the tea, but with a splash of creative energy! I’m a French-born graphic designer and illustrator with more than 10 years of experience, now living it up in the lush landscapes of West Yorkshire, UK, with my wonderfully multicultural family.

I specialise in design for all things children related. From branding to book illustration and layout, product design to packaging, I will help you turn your vision into a colourful reality.

Having previously lived in China, Japan, France and now settled in the UK, I have gained a broad cultural understanding that helps me create graphics that resonate with young people all over the world.

I am is also the mum of two little tornados that fuel my inspiration every single day!

Clients often appreciate my swift responsiveness and enjoy having a friendly collaborator by their side. I’m more than just a designer; I’m a nice person and a creative partner, always ready to help you bring your vision to life. Plus, you’ll get to enjoy a very French accent! 😉 

We can work together one design at a time. If you’re ready, let’s have a conversation!

ps : I also work as a children illustrator, you can see some of my work here

Random passions: Bubble tea, Nintendo games, longboard dancing, Taekwondo (I’m a black belt :)), Gotcha machines, French pop, funky patterns shirts, Back to The Future movies and getting lost in the graphic novels area of any book store .